How to register for updates

If you want to ‘Follow’ the Mega Bat Count surveys that happen every month and be kept up to date with what’s going on down at the Yarra Bend flying-fox colony, then all you have to do is click on the ‘Follow’ tab in the bottom right hand corner of this page. It will ask for your email so we can keep you updated. Also if you’re a tweeter, we’ve created a ‘Melbourne Bat Count’ twitter account that will also be updated every time we post something on the Blog site so you’ll have instant access to updates via twitter also, where you’ll also find lots of batty news from all over the world.

If you do decide to subscribe by ‘following’ and you do decide to participate in the monthly bat counts at Yarra Bend, please leave a comment with your name and how many other friend and family members you many be coming with; it all helps with us organising logistics for counting positions on the night. You can also contact Rodney van der Ree with any further questions if you’re unsure of anything; his number is 0412 562 429.


7 thoughts on “How to register for updates

  1. Hi – I’m Maggie and ! plan to come to the January count on the !4th. It will be just me – no extras. Looking forward to meeting you all then

  2. Hi there. I’m interested in participating in the March 4 count while I’m in Melbourne on holiday from the U.S. Can someone tell me the approximate amount of time you spend at the park doing the count? Thank you!

    1. hi Kate – thanks for your qn. we meet at 7:15 pm on March 4, we have a 20 min or so briefing, and then we go to our different positions around the colony. the flyout will start about 8 PM (approx), and last for about half an hour, and then return to carpark for a debrief. so it takes about a couple of hrs in total.
      Hope that helps your planning!

  3. Hi, We are planning to come on the 4th of March to the Fairfield count, we are a scout Troop of about 20 scouts and 5 leaders. They are very well behaved young people and keen to learn. It sounds as though we will finish up around 8.45, does that sound right? Thank you

    1. Hi Sali – looking forward to meeting your troop this wednesday! The flyout might run a little longer than 8:45 – the specific timing will vary depending on the weather, cloud cover. So, plan on returning to the car park about 9PM.

    1. Hi Elisa, if you have signed up to follow the blog by pressing the ‘follow’ button on the ‘How to register for updates’ page, you will receive all future posts from the blog via email. We regularly post updates on whether or not the fly-out counts will go ahead on the upcoming count night. Also on the blog, under the ‘About the fly-out counts’ page you can find the dates and times for which the fly-out counts are designated for the rest of the year. Hope to see you and your family at a count soon!
      – Briony

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