Flyout counts on again this week – will we pass the record approximately 115,000 flying-foxes in Melbourne that we counted last month?

Now that daylight savings is over – we have an early start this week – with a meeting time of 5:30 at both Doveton (Tuesday night) and Yarra Bend (Wednesday night).
It will be very interesting to see if the rain and cold of this weekend has encouraged any of the FF to return up north, or whether Melbourne is still home to the 115,000 GHFF that were here in March?
Hope to see many of you this month at Doveton and/or Yarra Bend and the good news is that the weather looks to be improving for Tuesday and Wednesday!

Regards, Rod

Bat counts coming up again this week, 14th and 15th March

After last month’s near record of about 35,000 flying foxes at Doveton and 45,000 at Yarra Bend, it will be interesting to see if numbers have continued to climb – as Autumn is usually the peak for Melbourne.

We are meeting at 7PM at Doveton on Tuesday 14th and 7PM on Wednesday 15th March. The weather forecast is looking great, so hope to see many of you this coming week!

Enjoy your long weekend,


Extra-ordinary bat count this Thursday at Doveton, coinciding with World Wetland Day

To coincide with world wetlands day, the next bat count at Doveton will be this coming Thursday, 2nd February, with a meeting time of 7:45 pm, meeting at the usual place.  There are numerous wetland activities at Myuna Farm and City of Casey that day, and we are hoping to introduce many new people to the wonders of a flying-fox flyout!

The next Yarra Bend count will be on the scheduled date (15th Feb), with a meeting time of 7:45 pm.

Hope to see some of you next week!

Regards, Rod

Bat counting for 2017 -Tues 10th at Doveton and Wed 11th at Yarra Bend

Hope everyone had a great Christmas break and best wishes to all for 2017!

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog, but bat counts are happening again this year, and the next counts will be next week at both Doveton (Tues 10th) and Yarra Bend (Wed 11th), with a meeting time of 8PM.

I am guessing that many will still be away on holidays, so if you are free next week, it would be great to you at either or both sites! For those who are not in Melbourne – enjoy your time away!

Regards, Rod



Reminder: please rsvp if you are coming to bat count party this week

Dear counters: Please let me know if you are planning to come to this weeks counts at Doveton on Tuesday or Yarra Bend on Wednesday so I can ensure to cater with enough food and drink and also cater for any special diets.  The weather is looking perfect – so it should be a great evening!

Please let me know on or via 0412562429.

Many thanks – and hope to see many of you on Tuesday or Wednesday!  And as i have said previously – all are welcome, whether you have been to 10 counts this year or if this is your first!!

Regards, Rod