We have a quorum for Doveton – see you there on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Thanks to those that RSVP’d for Doveton on Tuesday night – we will have just enough counters.  If you haven’t rsvp’d, there is always room for more counters and the more counters there are the more accurate the final tally!

And the weather looks good for both nights – Tuesday at Doveton and Wednesday at Yarra Bend!

Thanks, Rod


It’s flyout time again – next Tuesday and Wednesday, meeting time 7:30pm. Please confirm attendance at Doveton on Tuesday.

The next bat count is scheduled for Tuesday 7th at Doveton and Wednesday 8th at Yarra Bend.  I didn’t realise when I set the dates almost 12 months ago that Tuesday would be Cup Day public holiday.  Could you please let me know via by replying to the blog or via sms (0412562429) if you can make the count on Tuesday?  Hopefully enough people will have returned from their public holiday festivities to make it worthwhile.

Enjoy your long weekend, and hope to see many of you next week!


Yarra Bend flyout count for tonight cancelled – who is available tomorrow night?

In true Melbourne style, there is a 100% chance of a lot of rain tonight, predicted to arrive right when the count is supposed to be happening…. So, rather than waste people’s time, I have decided to cancel tonight’s count.

BUT – because we also cancelled last month due to bad weather, I would like to see if we can muster enough people to run the count tomorrow night, Thursday 12th Oct, instead?  If you can make it tomorrow night, can you please let me know by 7PM tonight (Wednesday 11th) via email (rvdr@unimelb.edu.au) or sms (0412 562 429) or by posting a comment on the blog.  And I will update the blog either later tonight or early Thursday morning to confirm.  If we have enough people, the meeting time on Thursday night will be 7PM.

Thanks for your understanding,


ps – counted approx 9000 bats at Doveton last night.

October bat counts this week – meeting at 7PM

After last month’s dismal weather, I am hoping this month will be warmer and drier!  Tuesday is looking good, but Wednesday might be a little inclement  – so check your emails or the blog before heading out, or call me on 0412 562 429 if unsure.

Now that daylight savings has started, our meeting time is a little more achievable, with a 7PM start, at both Doveton on Tuesday 10th and Yarra Bend on Wednesday 11th Oct.

Hope to see many of you next week,

Regards, Rod


Thanks to this Antarctic blast – the September bat counts at Doveton and Yarra Bend are cancelled.

With the strong winds, cold temps and high probability of rain (and hail and maybe even snow, depending on where you are!) it is best to cancel the counts for this week, as the bats are unlikely to leave on time, and thus we wont get an anywhere near accurate count.

So, please stay somewhere warm and dry and hopefully spring will have arrived properly in time for the next counts on October 10 and 11.

Regards, Rod

Spring bat counts on next week – 5th and 6th Sept, meeting at 5:45

Our next bat count is next week, 5th Sept at Doveton and 6th Sept at Yarra Bend, with a meeting time of 5:45 pm.  Winter still appears to be trying to hang on, and the early forecast for next week is not great, so if the weather appears inclement, please check your email before you head out in case i need to cancel the count.  If cold, rainy and windy, i will make the decision and will  update the blog to cancel at about 3pm.  if you cant check your email and are unsure, feel free to send me an sms or call on 0412562429.

For those who were at Yarra Bend last month – the ‘missing’ thousands flew over the freeway and headed east!

Hope to see many of you again next week, and thanks again for your continued involvement!

Regards, Rod