And also looking dry for bat counting at Yarra Bend tonight – see you at 5:15 PM!


Bat counting in July – 4th and 5th, meeting time 5:15 pm

I hope you are all surviving this cold snap – and wondering if it may encourage some of our sub-tropical flying-fox friends to head north for warmer weather?  We will find out this week again at the bat counts – Tuesday at Doveton and Wednesday at Yarra Bend, with a meeting time of 5:15 pm.

As with last month, it is a very early meeting time, so if you are able to make it out, it would be greatly appreciated as it is too early for many to make it.

Unfortunately the weather forecast isn’t looking too good, with showers and cool temps forecast for both days, so I will update the blog by about 3PM advising if the count is on or not. If you cant check the blog or your email, feel free to send me an sms on 0412562429 to double check.

Hope to see some of you this week,


Bat counts on again this week – meeting at 5:15 pm

Did anyone see the full moon rising last night?  It was quite spectacular!!

Bat counts are on again this week – Tuesday 13th at Doveton and Wednesday 14th at Yarra Bend.  Because it is close to the shortest day of the year – the meeting time is quite early – 5:15 pm.  And because it is so early, many cant leave work early enough to get there on time, so if you can make it, your assistance would be very much appreciated!!  It will be interesting to see if the numbers have continued to decline from the peak we had a few months ago!

The weather forecast is looking great for winter in Melbourne, but if it changes I will update the blog in the afternoon before each count.

Regards, Rod


GHFF count on 9th and 10th May, meeting 5:15 pm

With the days getting shorter, we have an early start next week – meeting at 5:15pm at Doveton on Tuesday and Yarra Bend on Wednesday.  The annual migration back up north had already started last month – with numbers dropping significantly compared to the previous month.  In March there were about 115,000 GHFF at Yarra Bend and Doveton combined, but last month it was around the 75,000.  I expect it will have declined further as they try to avoid these cold mornings.  Seems a very sensible thing to do!!

Hope to see many of you at a count next week!

And if it is raining and windy do check the blog or sms me on 0412562429 in case of any last minute cancellations.


Flyout counts on again this week – will we pass the record approximately 115,000 flying-foxes in Melbourne that we counted last month?

Now that daylight savings is over – we have an early start this week – with a meeting time of 5:30 at both Doveton (Tuesday night) and Yarra Bend (Wednesday night).
It will be very interesting to see if the rain and cold of this weekend has encouraged any of the FF to return up north, or whether Melbourne is still home to the 115,000 GHFF that were here in March?
Hope to see many of you this month at Doveton and/or Yarra Bend and the good news is that the weather looks to be improving for Tuesday and Wednesday!

Regards, Rod

Bat counts coming up again this week, 14th and 15th March

After last month’s near record of about 35,000 flying foxes at Doveton and 45,000 at Yarra Bend, it will be interesting to see if numbers have continued to climb – as Autumn is usually the peak for Melbourne.

We are meeting at 7PM at Doveton on Tuesday 14th and 7PM on Wednesday 15th March. The weather forecast is looking great, so hope to see many of you this coming week!

Enjoy your long weekend,