Perfect winter bat counting weather – hope to see you tonight at Doveton or tomorrow night at Yarra Bend. Meeting time 5:15 PM. Thanks!!


Bat counts on again next week – 26 and 27 June, meeting at 5:15 pm

Thanks to those who made it out to count last month – we just managed to stay dry at Yarra bend, with the rain falling as we left the park!  we counted about 12 ,000- 14,000 at both Doveton and Yarra Bend, so a few more than the typical winter minimums.  Perhap’s last weekend’s rain and chilly air will prompt more to head north!

Anyway – our next count is next Tuesday 26 June at Doveton and Wednesday 27 June at Yarra Bend, with another early meeting time of 5:15 pm.  Again, many people cant make the early start’s so if you are able, that would be great to see you to ensure we have enough counters to get a reliable result!

If the weather is looking dodgy, I will update the blog in the afternoon and advise whether it is going ahead or not.

Many thanks, and stay warm,


Next bat counts – 29 and 30 May – meeting at 5:15 PM

May is a once-in-blue-moon month, with two bat counts in the month, with Doveton on the 29th May and Yarra Bend on the 30th.  With an early meeting time of 5:15 PM, it is difficult for many to get there, so if you can make it, please do!  If you are running a little late and wondering if it is worth still trying to get there, please just give me a call on 0412 562 429 and I can let you know.

The 7-day weather forecast is not great, so i will update the blog by early afternoon on the day of the count to confirm whether the count is going ahead or not.  If you cant check the blog or are unsure, feel free to call or send me an sms.

Also – many thanks to Stephen and Ligia who ran the count last month while I was away!

Regards, Rod

Bat counts on again this week- 1st and 2nd May, meeting at 5:15 PM

Autumn appears to have finally arrived, with cool evenings and warmish sunny days, and this will continue at the next bat counts, which are on the 1st May at Doveton and 2nd May at Yarra Bend.  Meeting time at both is 5:15pm – if you are running late, please give the organiser of each a quick call – Ligia at Doveton (0434 291 730) or Stephen at Yarra Bend (0491 483 906).

I am an apology this month, as I am helping run a conference in Creswick that is focussing on the ecological impacts (and solutions) of linear infrastructure, such as roads and rail.

So I hope you have great count this week and thanks for being part of the longest running flying-fox monitoring project in the known universe!

See you at the next count (which is also in May – 29th and 30th)



Confusion over dates of the April count – correct date s3rd and 4th April

My apologies – the table of dates on the website for all of the 2018 counts said the next count was April 10 and 11, but in my blog post from earlier today I said the next bat counts would be Tuesday and Wednesday the 3rd and 4th of April.

Well, the correct dates are TUESDAY 3rd APRIL and WEDNESDAY 4th April, NOT THE 10th and 11th.  My mistake – apologies for any confusion!

Hope to see you on the 3rd and/or 4th April! at 5:30pm.