great weather for this week’s bats counts!

The winter weather is (relatively) warm and sunny for us today and according to the forecast probably for tomorrow as well!  Hope to see many of you tonight at Doveton or tomorrow at Yarra Bend.  Remember it is a relatively early meeting time – 5:30 pm at both locations, which makes it hard for many to get there on time, so if you can make it, that would be much appreciated.  The more counters we have, the more reliable our count, and the better we can manage the colony, the camp and the species!

Best wishes, Rod

Bat counts are on again next week

Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us next week than they were last month!  Bat counts will be on at Doveton on Tuesday 16th Aug and at Yarra Bend on Wednesday 17th August – meeting times at both locations is 5:30 pm.

Winter is usually a difficult time for many to make it because it gets dark so early, so if you are able to make it, it would be great to see you on Tuesday and/or Wednesday of next week.

But, given it is winter and we are in Melbourne, the weather could be wet and windy – if there is any doubt if the count will run, I will advise with a blog update on Tuesday and Wednesday as required.

Enjoy your weekend!


Bat counting this week is cancelled

Hello bat counters –

I have cancelled both bat counts this month (which were going to be 12th and 13th July) because (a) many of you have told me that you are unable to attend this month; (b) it is generally difficult for many to make the early counts during winter and (c) the forecast weather is cold, windy and likely rainy.  So, given this combination of factors, we are unlikely to get an accurate count because either the bats don’t fly out or there aren’t enough counters!

Enjoy a night off – and hopefully the weather will be kinder to us in August!

Regards, Rod

A late reminder – but it’s bat counting time again!

I hope you are enjoying this long weekend and celebrating the queens 90th birthday in appropriate style!

Tomorrow and Wednesday are bat counting days – Tuesday at Doveton and Wednesday at Yarra Bend – with a meeting time of 5:15pm.  With the early count time during winter, it is difficult for many to make it to these counts, so if you are free, it would be great if you could join us.  Last month we struggled to have enough counters to fill all the positions at both sites – why not invite a friend this month?

The weather is looking good – a little cold, but fine and no rain forecast!

I apologise for the late reminder, but hopefully see many of you at either Doveton, Yarra Bend or both!!


Bat counting time again – next week, meeting 5:15 PM

Last months counts at Yarra Bend and Doveton were lower than usual for this time of year, with just over 10,000 counted at each site.  Normally there is upwards of 20,000 for this time of year.  The counts next week will be important to see if the April count was a blip, or whether there has been something attracting the bats up north, earlier than usual.  Our weather has certainly been mild – so that is not a reason to head north!

The count at Doveton is on Tuesday 17th and at Yarra Bend on Wednesday the 18th.  Meeting time at both sites is 5:15 PM.  Hope to see you at one or both next week.

Regards, Rod

April bat counts on next week

The Mega Bat Counts are on again next week and the weather is looking perfect for the occasion!

Doveton: Tuesday the 19th, meeting at 5:30 pm on Floriana Avenue.
Yarra Bend: Wednesday the 20th, meeting at 5:30 pm in the golf course car park.

We will post again next week, on both Tuesday and Wednesday, to confirm with you that both counts will definitely go ahead.